iSunday: Diptic Tutorial.

As I mentioned in MY PREVIOUS POST, I use

all the time for making simple collages.

There are a bunch of other apps out there that do similar or slightly different things, but this one I use for its simple consistency over & over again.

Making collages is really about numbers & multiplication.

Here it is quickly…you take 4 photos & make 1-4 square collage out of it. Do this 4 times. You now have 4 collages of 4 photos each. Then take those 4 new collages & recreate another 4-square collage, this time uploading your new 4-square collages into it. That make sense?! You then get 16 squares in 1 square or 1 collage. CRAZINESS!

Let me show you visually…

STEP #1: Open up the app DIPTIC. Choose the 4-square option below the white square.

NOTE: This same process could be used with any of these collage formats. I am using the squares since my Instagrams are already squares, but you could get really creative here.

STEP #2: Start loading in your 4 photos. By hitting the SELECT+ button on the bottom & then tapping each square, you will be asked where to pull your photos from. Do this for each of the 4 squares to load your single photos into the collage.

STEP #3: After your photos are loaded, you can mess around with some of the controls. Click on the EFFECTS button across the bottom of the screen & then the BORDER button in the top right corner. The box below will pop up allowing you to play with the border style of your new collage. You can adjust the color of the border, its width or color, whether you want the edges rounded inside or our & how rounded you want them.

Find a style you like. My only advice is to find a style you like & keep it the same for all of the collages for the big project you are going to create. You don’t have to, I just usually like consistency throughout my albums & this is an easy way to keep things the same.

STEP #4: To save out your photo, click on the EXPORT button across the bottom of the screen, then hit the square button with an arrow in it across the top of the page. If you want your photo saved in your CAMERA ROLL, hit the orange SAVE button.

This is what you get. Your 4 photos became 1.


You can create as many collages as you’d like depending on how many photos you have. This is where I stopped for my Instagram book. Most of my pages I used the 4-photo collages on each page, pulled in as 1 photo each. I thought it was enough to make each page interesting & to save book page space, but not too busy to overwhelm your eye from seeing all the individual photos.

If you are keeping your borders the same for each 4-photo collage, save out each collage & then replace each of the photos in your collage squares in DIPTIC without changing the border. That will save you a bunch of time & let you crank out collages FAST!


 Now that you have all your 4-photo collages (& I’m sure they look beautiful!) you can start increasing your math skills.

4 collages of 4 photos each in 1 collage will make 1-16 photo collage! WOWEE KAPOWI!

Let’s go another few steps to create a 16 photo collage.

STEP #5: Start back at STEP #1 above. Open up DIPTIC & click on the 4 square photo option.

STEP #6: But here, instead of loading in single photos into your 4 collage squares, load the recently made 4 photo collages we made earlier. It will start to look something like this… (I increased the white border here so you could see the definition between my single 4 photos.)

STEP #7: Follow STEP #3 above  & adjust any of the collage borders or leave them the same.

STEP #8: Save out this puppy as in STEP #4 above.

You are done with a 16 photo collage that is now 1 photo!


As you can see, this math principle can be used over & over again to create collages of monstrous sizes.

Here I took 4 of my 16 photo collages like we created above to create this WHOPPER! This one has 64 photos in it! WHOOP WHOOP!

Create the collages & then pull them into

to add some graphics or text like this one or like my big fair collage above!


Hope this was helpful with your Instagrammin’!

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by Sunday Grennan


Nancy Olson - Found your Diptic Tutorial so helpful. Thanks for sharing.11/12/2012 – 4:54 pm

sunday - So glad it helped you, Nancy! Enjoy!11/12/2012 – 9:12 pm

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